U.S. and Dutch companies merge to create the world's largest maker of specialty harvesting equipment


Two of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialized harvesting equipment—Oxbo International Corporation and Ploeger Agro B.V.—have merged to create the Ploeger Oxbo Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of harvesting equipment and related products for niche agricultural markets. The new company is headquartered in the Netherlands.

Oxbo International Corporation, headquartered in Byron, New York and with roots dating back to the 1950s, manufactures a wide range of specialty agricultural equipment—including products that harvest processing and fresh market vegetables, berries, citrus, coffee, grapes, olives and seed corn. The company employs over 400 workers in three main manufacturing facilities located in Byron, New York, Clear Lake, Wisconsin, and Lynden, Washington, as well as sales and service locations throughout the country. Oxbo supplies equipment to customers in more than 28 countries.

Ploeger Agro B.V. built its first self-propelled bean harvester in 1968, and the company has since added to and improved upon its line of specialty harvesting products. Today, Ploeger supplies a full line of harvesters for the processing vegetable industry including harvesters for beans, peas, potatoes, carrots and spinach.


Oxbo's specialized harvesters are designed to maximize yield and revenue in short harvest windows.

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