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“Franklin was invaluable to our search for a strategic partner. Their approach to understanding our business and industry uncovered new opportunities and enabled management to evaluate our business from a new perspective. Their experience helped us define our strategic vision and position the company to achieve a successful result for all shareholders.”

— Tom McDougall, President, The Weidt Group


Technology-enabled service firm acquired by commercial services platform

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The Weidt Group, Inc. is an energy efficiency consulting firm providing data-driven energy conservation solutions to commercial building developers and owners. Traditionally, the solutions were highly customized to each building and reflected the unique ideas of each engineer. Recently, the firm developed software tools and leveraged archives of building design and energy consumption data to provide consistent solutions based on the firm’s deep experience.

Franklin Partners recognized that this technology enabled The Weidt Group to be positioned as a tech-enabled service firm that would obtain a higher price than a consulting firm.

The ultimate buyer was an investor-backed platform in the architecture and engineering industry.

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