The Weidt Group merges with EYP Energy.


The Weidt Group has merged with EYP, a portfolio company of Long Point Capital. The Weidt Group will be the catalyst for expanding EYP’s energy practice.
Founded in 1977, The Weidt Group provides proprietary energy software modeling tools, energy benchmarking, and software development capabilities. The company partners with design teams, building owners, manufacturers, utility companies, and state and local governments on the design and operation of high-performance buildings. The Weidt Group is also the industry leader in energy efficiency software design, creating sophisticated energy information delivery tools that convert data into knowledge, based on modeled, measured, and tracked building performance. On a yearly basis, The Weidt Group has helped reduce air pollution by nearly 1,000 kilotons while saving building owners and operators over $94 million annually.
The Weidt Group engaged Franklin Partners to assist them in identifying, qualifying, and ultimately negotiating with a small group of companies that could advance The Weidt Group’s position in the market, while providing liquidity to shareholders, including the ESOP.

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