Datamyne acquires Minneapolis-based Zepol Corp., a provider of online trade data tools

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Datamyne, a leader in global business intelligence based on multinational trade data, has completed the acquisition of Zepol Corporation, a Minnesota-based company that provides U.S. import and export data to business clients throughout the world. Founded in 1992, Datamyne offers easy access and expert support to the largest searchable database of import‐export trade in the world. Zepol's data provides organizations with competitive intelligence, market research, lead generation, sourcing, and trade compliance information.

“As two tech start-ups launched over the last decade, Datamyne and Zepol helped redefine and revitalize trade data driven business intelligence,” explains Brendan McCahill, Datamyne CEO. “As one, we are positioned to claim leadership in the sector.”

“Both organizations are ranked among the top trade data providers in the highly competitive U.S. market and are groundbreaking innovators in database access, research and analysis technologies,” McCahill says. “Together, our combined assets make us an industry powerhouse and advance our goal of being the world’s largest provider of global commercial trade information.”

McCahill will continue as CEO of Datamyne, and will also lead an integration team that includes Zepol CEO Paul Rasmussen.

“Global market dynamics demand that information providers offer a bounty of trade data content and resources. Joining Datamyne allows us to give our customers a view of global trade that is more comprehensive and more finely detailed.”

— Paul Rasmussen, CEO, Zepol Corporation

Franklin Partners initiated this transaction and acted as exclusive financial advisor to Zepol Corp. and its shareholders.

About Zepol
Founded in 2002, Zepol Corporation (“Zepol”) is a leading provider of international-trade data and online tools to companies, governments and international trade professionals engaged in the North American import and export markets. Zepol’s products provide competitive information, market research, lead generation, sourcing, and trade compliance intelligence that positively impacts a customer’s profitability. Zepol is based in Edina, MN.

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